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‘Photography has a pure form of expression, from realism to fiction. Inevitably the photography has  steadily been conquering its own position in art.

But the developments are in full swing. With current techniques you can push the boundaries and create remarkable, high-impact productions. Just take a look at today’s applications of visual montage and animation: it makes you believe you are in a different reality. Cinema – also known as cinematography – is in the forefront and invests large amounts of money in the technology. As a photographer I follow these developments rather closely, with my PhotoVisual productions and my further range of works in limited editions as results.

Common and modern applications… photography continues to fascinate!'

John de Gelder



Why a limited edition of eight?

Being a buyer you invest in a precious result, which has to stay special. Every edition therefore stays limited to at most eight copies, including differences in sizes and constructions (of materials) of the selected work. Balanced division is displayed at each of the works. The largest release is limited to only one.

A choice in different surface layers will complete the purchase journey. Poured glass epoxy or museum glass acrylate top layer, which minimises the reflections, we select the very best materials.


Format 1:1  sizes and editions - for example:

120 x 120   -  1/8

110 x 110   -  2/8 – 3/8

100 x 100   -  4/8 – 5/8

90 x 90       -  6/8 – 7/8

70 x 70       -  8/8



Gallery presentation

real photograph | via Lambda-C process

base: duobond with firm rectangular hanging profile

top layer: poured glass epoxy or museum glass acrylate

option: handcrafted frame, primed with endless shaped corners

extra option: covered with gold leaf, silver leaf or hammered sheet metal



Besides photography I make bronze sculptures. It all starts with modeling figures of wax, followed by the entire process of bronze casting and finally the patina to colour the sculpture.

Owl species with their irresistible faces, kingfishers on tree trunks, a Scottish Highland Cow – animal figures are well presented. And then there are my mythological figures, like Nikè, the Greek goddess of victory and the Minotaur, who lived in the Labyrinth. From ancient Celtic cultures there is the Druid. More sculptures will be presented on this website.


Exhibited where?


Galerie Friends of Art is a brainchild of John de Gelder Producties. Besides the artworks of John himself the gallery represents a comprehensive range of art of all the other Friends of Art artists. Paintings, photography, bronze and ceramics are shown in the gallery in Giessenburg, nearby Dordrecht, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from ten in the morning till five in the afternoon.

The gallery is situated in a small, picturesque village called Giessenburg, nearby Dordrecht.

Adress: de Graanbuurt, Kolenbeurs-building, Doetseweg 34, 3381 KG Giessenburg


Photography & Photovisuals  |  DIRECT NAAR HET GALERIE-AANBOD





Buying options: if you are considering buying a work of art from the collection of Gallery Friends of Art, you can take an option on the object.

This option gives you the right to purchase for a period of five days.Within these days you can let us know about the shipping-destination and we’ll inform you about the costs.

Shipment in Holland:

The art objects are delivered by our own delivery service and checked securely in your presence for possible material damage. With a purchase value that exceeds € 750 the transport costs are included. Any material damage will be restored by the artist. Gallery Friends of Art will ensure the proper handling.

International shipment:

Door to door. The Dutch PostNL services will take care of the proper handling, together with reliable international partners. There are various rates, depending on the weight of the package: up to 10 kilos, 10 to 20 kilos, 20 to 30 kilos and heavier. We’ll choose the most suitable type of packaging for you.,

Insurance | with insurance up to € 5500

Track & Trace | and including track and trace

Normal duration of transport | 9 – 15 days

Emergency transport  | 2 – 4 days

Each time new artwork is added to the range. The complete selection is shown on the website